Night Photography

3 day intermediate photography workshop in Halifax, N.S.


Intermediate Photography

8 week intermediate photography course in Halifax, N.S.


Dog Photography

2 day beginner photography workshop in Halifax, N.S.


Photoshop Fundamentals

8 week introductory photoshop course in Halifax, N.S.

Halifax Photography Classes and Workshops

Hi! My name is Kristine and I am going to teach you to use your camera.

You know- take it off that silly green square and actually use it instead of just your smartphone *gasp*!

My photography classes are a mixture of lecture, hands-on shooting, and peer critique in a supportive and challenging environment.

My goal is to make your camera a tool to share your experiences. We will understand and overcome your technical barriers and create amazing images together.

You could binge-watch another season on Netflix – or – you could give your brain some exercise. Scroll below to see the current class offerings.

Looking for something that’s not here? I offer private tutoring and am open to new class suggestions!
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Kristine Richer Instructor at Halifax Photography Classes

Kristine Richer


I had the good fortune to take a class with Kristine and can't recommend her teaching more highly! She took me, a sleepless new mom without any skill at all using a camera and turned me into a competent photographer. I have enough skill to not only take a good photo but to take a great photo. Her approach highlights the 'must knows' while giving you enough technical information to let your inspiration run free. Take a class with her: you're sure to learn something and have a whole lot of fun doing it!

Aruna Dhara

Kristine’s method for teaching photography is very effective. She starts with seemingly simple “basics” and builds on them, session by session. Each time I went out to shoot, I felt I had a few more tools and more confident foundation in my techniques. One of Kristine’s most striking qualities is her positivity, and her ability to find something constructive to say about her students’ work, even when what we were showing her had little going for it! She created a strong sense of community among the classmates, and that sense of supportive friendship made us feel safe to explore our interests and to take risks with our works. Everyone in the class is going to be interested in different kinds of photography, and she encourages you to follow your interests.
I began with Kristine like most of my classmates: always curious about photography, and thinking I had “an eye”, but no grounding in the language and technical skills required to produce professional quality pictures. Since I have taken Kristine’s course, I have become a full-time photographer/videographer with a charity, and my camera has become my passport to the world. Using the portfolio I built with Kristine, I was also able to find mentorship with a professional wedding photographer, and have become a busy assistant photographer in the summer months. I have Kristine to thank for spring-boarding my pursuit of this art!

Kate Mosher

I very much enjoyed Kristine Richer's Introduction to Digital Photography course that I took two years ago. In fact, her teaching ability, expertise as a photographer, and general professionalism in the classroom so impressed me that I plan to sign up for another course taught by her as soon as possible.
Kristine is able to convey her love of the art form, at the same time as help students learn the essentials of photography in a supportive, friendly environment. Her feedback is both helpful and fair, which allows everyone an opportunity to learn, no matter what their skill level. Although the course I took from her was an introduction to digital photography, understandably, some students had more photography experience/expertise than others. Nevertheless, she was able to reach all students, and consequently everyone was treated equally. Therefore, we all had an opportunity to show our work to the class and receive attention and detailed feedback re: our photos. In addition, Kristine's critical feedback to each student was always constructive, as well as instructive from compositional/artistic and technical points of view. Each of us came away having learned valuable skills, and had an excellent time doing it. Consequently, I would highly recommend Kristine as a teacher!

Gina Fisher

Kristine was my photography teacher and also the photographer on my company's team building program and I have to say she is very professional and knowledgeable and her photos are really wonderful. Her images captured the realism of the event while having great colour balance and she used the natural lighting to her advantage. Hire and you won't be disappointed.

Fred Stillman


These classes require no prior photographic knowledge.


All students should already know the basic features of their cameras; however, previous experience shooting in manual mode is not required.


All students should already know the basic features of their cameras and be comfortable shooting in manual mode.


All students should be confident using their cameras shooting in manual mode.

Current Classes

Introduction to Digital Photography

Date: Jan 15 – Mar 26 for 10wks (no class Feb 19)
Time: 6:30pm-9:30pm
Class Size: Limit 16

Level: Beginner

Class held at NSCAD University.

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Studio Lighting

Date: January – March
Time: Thursdays
** Private group class **

Level: Intermediate

Spring Classes TBA

Photography classes held at Many Hats Collaborative Workspace & Studio at 397 Bedford Highway, Halifax, N.S